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New Look

Atlantic Interactive is proud to launch its new website with a whole new look.

eChurch CMS

CMS for Florida UCC Churches Atlantic Interactive (AI) has secured a contract to provide content management solutions and maintenance for select Florida UCC churches. In an effort to focus on sales and suport, AI will replace it's proprietary CMS system with a third party product to be later announced.

Data Guard

Online data backup is gaining momemtum as the defacto solution for offsite data backup solutions. We all get car insurance without thinking - and yet if we crash our car - it can be fixed or replaced. What would happen if you lost all your emails? All your financial records? Over 60% of business who experience such a loss are out of business within 6 months.

Why You Need Atlantic Interactive's Online Data Backup Solution

It is the best solution for safeguarding your computer against ALL common data loss and system failure risks that traditional backup methods (Tape, Zip & External Drives, CDs & DVDs) can't:

  • Technical Disasters: Viruses, worms, file corruption, hard drive crash & failure, power failure, system updates, etc.
  • Human Disasters: Accidental changes, deletions or overwritten files, theft (laptops, drives), disgruntled employees, etc.
  • Natural Disasters: Fire, flood, hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning, solar flares, etc.
  • Laptop Disasters: Frequently overheat, suffer hard drive failures or power outages, get dropped and damaged, lost and stolen.
Backup Service Advantages

1. It's the most cost effective, secure, and convenient way to automatically back up your mission critical data. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safely stored offsite at our two state-of-the-art, mirrored data centers and always easily accessible to you, 24/7.

2. It's Easy: Simple to set up, back up & restore files - the perfect solution for non-technical users.

3. It's Automated: Nightly backups run reliably with no human intervention, saves your staff's time.

4. It's Fast: Delta block incremental backup transmits only changes.

5. It's Secure: Your data is transmitted and stored using AES encryption through SSL at mirrored data centers, redundant power and bandwidth, top-level physical security and 99.99% historic availability.

6. It's Offsite: Protects your data from viruses, fire, flood, theft, and sabotage.

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